First Reconciliation

Reconciliation is the sacrament through which the Catholic community through the ministry of a priest provides reconciliation both to God and to the Church. In less recent times it has been referred to as Penance or Confession. The sacrament follows a ritual of the penitent confessing one’s sins to the priest and in a prayer expressing sorrow for those sins (Act of Contrition), then receiving forgiveness through the prayer of absolution administered by the priest.

First Communion

Eucharist is the sacramental celebration of the Paschal Mystery (i.e., Christ’s dying and rising for humankind) in praise and thanksgiving for all that God has done and continues to do. During the Eucharist the gifts of bread and wine are consecrated to become the body and blood of Christ. First Communion is the first Eucharist in which the new Communicants fully participate in the Mass.

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